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    Professional moving cleaning

    Apartment turnover cleaning

    Book Moving Cleaning in Gothenburg for a smooth and efficient moving process. Our professional cleaning service guarantees a thorough cleaning of your old home or office space, including vacuuming, window cleaning, disinfection and much more. With our experienced team and high-quality cleaning products, we leave no surface unattended. So don’t stress and let us take care of your move cleaning for you.


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    Cleaning before moving
    Cleaning up after
    Home cleaning in the apartment
    Home cleaning the house
    Building cleaning
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      Moving cleaning in Gothenburg – careful service, friendly service.

      Our relocation cleaning in Gothenburg offers a thorough and professional service that leaves your home in a pleasant condition, whether it is for new owners, tenants or to impress the landlord. Our experienced team of cleaners guarantees a thorough and quality cleaning for both moving in and moving out. After our move-in cleaning, your home will look like new.

      Our removal cleaning service includes the following:

      – Wiping furniture such as wardrobes, cabinets and drawers, and appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and ovens.
      – Dust removal from curtains, furniture, window sills, decorations, ceiling fans, switches and sockets.
      – Cleaning of beds, bathtubs, mirrors, doors, frames and the inside of windows.
      – Vacuuming and mopping floors and other surfaces.
      – Emptying trash cans
      – Wiping furniture and other surfaces

      Our goal is to provide you with a smooth and stress-free removal cleaning in Gothenburg with outstanding results. Contact us today to book your move cleaning and get a clean and fresh home for your next phase.


      This is what our customers have to say about us

      Andy Bighouse
      Andy Bighouse
      Arbetar snabbt och professionelt.
      Nataliya help me with a deep clean in the apartment I moved out. She did an excellent job, and also getting in contact is very easy with the web page ????
      Ismo Rönkkö
      Ismo Rönkkö
      Använde företaget till flyttning och flyttstädning, är supernöjd med båda. Städningen var perfekt utfört, rekommenderas!
      Päivi Rönkkö
      Päivi Rönkkö
      Mycket nöjda med flyttstädningen????rekommenderar verkligen detta företag
      Annie B
      Annie B
      Väldigt nöjd med Charme Städ. Nådde upp till mina förväntningar ????????
      Guzal Nalibaeva
      Guzal Nalibaeva
      Sämsta företaget nånsin, ibland kom de inte eller kom när de vill för att enligt dem jag är som kund passar inte i deras bokning system, helt idiotiskt!
      Ann Udoji
      Ann Udoji
      I placed a phone call to Charme stad and the operator refused to speak with me. She dropped the call immediately because she won't speak English.
      Tomas Eriksson
      Tomas Eriksson
      Mycket trevliga och rutinerade herrar som löste alla små problem som uppstod vid flytten. Rekommenderas!!


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      Thorough removal cleaning that meets all requirements

      When it comes to moving house cleaning in Gothenburg, you can rely on us to deliver a quality-assured deep clean. Whether you need to thoroughly prepare your home for new owners or tenants, or you are moving out and want to ensure your old home is well cleaned, we can help you.

      Conducting a move-out cleaning is a way to show care and put your best foot forward for the new owners or tenants. It also shows the landlord that you have maintained the cleanliness of the property and minimizes the risk of any extra costs if the move-out cleaning is not approved.

      We focus on performing a thorough removal cleaning that meets all requirements. Our professional team uses effective cleaning methods and high-quality products to ensure that every corner and surface is thoroughly cleaned.

      Trust us for your removal cleaning in Gothenburg, and you will have a spotless home that impresses the new owners or tenants. Contact us today to book your removal cleaning and experience our commitment to quality and service.

      Flyttstädning Mölnlycke

      Who is responsible for cleaning up after a sale?

      Whether it’s a rental property, a newly built property, an apartment or a villa, the seller or the former tenant is responsible for cleaning the property. This means that if you are selling or disposing of your home, you are obliged to ensure that everything is clean and in top condition when the new owners or tenants move in. Even if you choose to hire a cleaning company, you as the seller still have the final responsibility towards the buyer.

      Djuprengöring Hisings Backa
      Answers to common questions
      How much does moving house cleaning cost?

      In fixed price, a rule of thumb can be that it costs around 1,500 SEK for moving cleaning of a one-room apartment, around 1,800 SEK for a two-room apartment and around 2500 SEK for a three-room apartment. All prices stated after the RUT tax deduction.

      What is the cost of moving house cleaning

      A rough estimate of the price of a move cleaning after the RUT tax deduction can be about 2 190 SEK for a 70 sqm apartment, or 2990 SEK for a 120 sqm villa.

      What is included in moving house cleaning?

      This should be part of the move cleaning: all walls and floors should be cleaned. Wardrobes and dressing rooms should be wiped down. All bathroom surfaces should be wiped, cabinets and drawers cleaned, joints washed, bathtubs and shower cubicles thoroughly cleaned.

      What is not included in moving house cleaning?

      The vast majority of things related to the interior of the house are included in moving house cleaning. However, the garden is not included as part of the removal cleaning. Neither is the facade, roof washing or cleaning of garden paths included in a regular removal cleaning.

      What is the cost of moving house cleaning per square metre?

      Between 25-28 SEK per square meter after the Rut tax deduction.

      Do you have civil liability insurance?

      We have liability insurance with Folksam. Our staff is insured to, from and during work. In addition, all employees at Charme Städ have a collective agreement through Fora!

      Do I have to stay at home during the cleaning process?

      No, you don’t have to be at home during the move. Many of our customers leave the key to us in advance, this facilitates our work but is absolutely not a requirement.

      Do you work on holidays?

      We do not normally carry out cleaning work on public holidays. If you wish to have your move cleaned on public holidays or major weekends, you will be paid overtime. Move-out cleaning is only done by special arrangement.

      Can I pay by invoice?

      Yes, we accept payment by invoice and invoice in arrears.

      How does the RUT tax credit work?

      Each private individual is entitled to a deduction of 50% of the labor cost for cleaning. The maximum amount for the deduction is SEK 50,000 per year. We invoice the amount after the tax deduction, i.e. 50% of the total amount. We then request the remaining amount from the Swedish Tax Agency.

      Checklist Moving cleaning

      All the rooms
      For the kitchen, it also includes
      For the bathroom it also includes
      Vacuuming floors, carpets, moldings, electrical outlets and radiators
      Mopping floors
      Removing stains
      Drying in the floor rails of sliding doors
      Dusting of walls, doors, moldings, window sills, window frames, shelves, fixed lamps and free surfaces.
      Drying of wardrobe cabinets inside and out
      Removal of ashes from stoves, fireplaces and open fires
      Cleaning mirrors and windows
      Cleaning the interior and exterior of the extended refrigerator and freezer, underneath and behind (NOTE: do not forget to defrost the freezer if you want to clean the inside).
      Cleaning the interior and exterior, top and back of an extended cooker, including oven plates and grates.
      Cleaning the inside and outside of an empty dishwasher
      Wiping of kitchen hood and filter, exterior
      Cleaning of toilet, outside of appliances, sink and tap
      Wiping bathroom cabinets
      Polishing of mirrors
      Cleaning of bathtubs, inside, outside and underneath.
      Cleaning the floor drain
      Wiping of pipes, water pipes, washbasins and towel rails
      Decalcifying and cleaning of tiles and veneers

      Who approves the removal cleaning?

      It is up to the new owners, landlords or tenants to assess whether the move-out cleaning has been carried out correctly. Sometimes landlords choose to hire a cleaning company, like us, to ensure that the cleaning is of the highest quality. Any additional costs for this post-cleaning will be charged to the former tenant.

      To avoid such situations, we recommend hiring professionals from the very beginning. By choosing us as your cleaning partner, you can rest assured that the cleaning will meet the high standards required. This allows you to focus on other things without having to worry.

      Rely on us for your removal cleaning and avoid any additional costs or dissatisfaction from new owners, landlords or tenants. We always strive to deliver the highest quality move-out cleaning to ensure that the property is left in perfect condition for the next step.

      Anlita en professionell städfirma

      Att flytta är ofta en ansträngande och tidskrävande process. Du behöver packa ihop alla dina ägodelar, transportera dem till din nya bostad och sedan packa upp dem igen. Dessutom är flyttningen ofta stressig eftersom du oftast har begränsad tid att flytta ut och in, samtidigt som du måste rengöra hela din gamla bostad.

      Det är viktigt att komma ihåg att en korrekt flyttstädning är nödvändig för att säkerställa att du lämnar din gamla bostad i gott skick. Om du väljer att göra flyttstädningen själv, se till att planera och fördela tiden på ett effektivt sätt för att hinna med allt. Alternativt kan du överväga att anlita en pålitlig städfirma för att ta hand om flyttstädningen åt dig, vilket ger dig en trygghet och sparar tid och energi i slutändan.

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